Media Alarm 1.2:

I have removed beta from the title as I have recoded the timing engine and it is now much more reliable. I also added an information tab and the ability to pop up a message, play music or both. On the Set Alarm tab I added a check box to automatically stop playing music. When not checked, the wave or midi file playing will repeat for 60 seconds unless the file plays longer than one minute. I don't believe I have much more work on this little project. Send me email if you have requests for additional functionality or find any bugs.

Media Alarm 1.1 Beta:

Media Alarm is a small Windows 95 applet that can be used as an alarm clock or reminder. The user is able to set the time of day the alarm is to go off and what the alarm will play. The media types it can play are wave files, music files(MIDI) or start any track of an audio CD. If a wave or music file is chosen then the file, if less than 60 seconds in length, will repeat for one minute. The CD will play until the last track, starting from the current position which the user can set.

Features include:

  • Ability to choose from 3 different media types
  • When minimized windows taskbar shows alarm status
  • File Menu option allows you to save settings & options,
  • I wrote it for a friend so he can use his laptop while traveling as an alarm clock and to learn Borland C++ Builder.

    The program is Post Card Ware which means if you truly enjoy and use it I would appreciate a post card saying so.

    Download Media Alarm 1.1 beta