Some of My Favorite Web Sites

My Sites:
Pictures of my house
Plainview High School - Class of 1990 "GO INDIANS!"
Apache Documentation Online
TWIG WEB based IMAP client for e-mail and Organizer
MySQL WEB based administration
The status of my UPS

Friends Sites:
SissyLaLa - My friend Deanna's site complete with web cams!
The Hotel California - Message board and nerd hang out, my buddy Jeff's site.
Canada Joe - A friend from work, I've helped him some with his site, yes he's from Canada.

Mandrake - My favorite distro
Apache - The best web server there is
php Hypertext Preprocessor - A powerful HTML application engine
PostgreSQL - A powerful SQL database engine
MySQL - Another powerful SQL database engine

Movie Phone OnLine - Movies Playing across the country
Yahoo! Maps
Games Domain - For the Video Game Junkie
TV Guide Online: The TV entertainment magazine